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Jill did a very professional job

This fall we decided to make a move to a retirement center and put our house in Temecula on the market. After selecting two realtors and two rounds of interviews, we chose Jill Madlem as our listing agent.

One reason for selecting Jill was the sense that she wanted us to maximize our profit on the house. This was in market contrast to the advice we were receiving from other agents.

One week after listing the house, we received a full price offer. Since a loan was involved the exact closing date was undetermined. However, Jill kept after all the parties and the sale closed in less than 30 days.

From our perspective, Jill did a very professional job in representing our interests and we were very pleased with the entire sale process.

                 George & Mary Ellen

Thank you Jill, for finding a perfect fit

While looking for our first house, it was nice to know that we had someone on "our side". We knew that our agent was working just as hard as we were to find the right home for our family. Thank you Jill, for finding a perfect fit.

           Travis & Gina

Highly recommend Jill!

Jill was with us even before we put the house up for sale because she is always involved in the community coordinating community garage sales and putting out a great newsletter. 6 months before we even put our house up for sale we asked her to do a market analysis for us and she did such a professional job of showing us the present value and this was without asking for any payment for that service. All the way through our selling process she was always a phone call away and gave us excellent advice in every turn. Highly recommend Jill!

Ron M.

Love her and recommend her highly!

Jill helped my me and my husband buy our first home and I cannot say enough good things about her! We tried a few agents before we decided on Jill and it really was a no-brainer decision! She really listened to our needs and truly cared. She made me feel like family! I have learned that buying a home can be a stressful and frustrating process, but Jill made it very easy and always addressed any and all concerns. Love her and recommend her highly!!

Megan R.